11th World Surfactant Congress - Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort - Munich - Monday 3  › Wednesday 5 June 2019

Dear visitor,

See below the post-event movie of the 11th CESIO Congress that was held in Munich.

If you attended this event, proceedings are now available:

Let us meet again in Rome on 5 to 7 June 2023 for the 12th World Surfactant Congress.

Organizing Committee 2019

Chantal De Cooman - CESIO, Belgium
Alex Föller - TEGEWA, Germany
Katrin Heck - TEGEWA, Germany
Sophie Liebersens - CESIO, Belgium
Justine Biren - Co-mana, Belgium
Iris Mathieu - Co-mana, Belgium
Caroline Van Cauwenberghe - Co-mana, Belgium
Camille Matthews - Co-mana, Belgium
Alexandre Magnus - Co-mana, Belgium